Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pictures of miley cyrus. S e x y pictures.

Pictures of miley cyrus. Cool picz...

pictures of miley cyruspictures of miley cyruspictures of miley cyrus
Is this a good hair color? Im so my hair is getting done today. This is what I like would be http / / / displayi ... http / / / displayi ... I know that many of you hate Miley Cyrus but that has nothing to do with it that I like her hair color in these pictures. Anyway, do you think is a flattering hair color? At the moment I have brown hair, but it is super light, some parts of blonde from the sun. I would, however, because it darker .. Look I dont know I just feel like it will be better and more natural (I) also SUPER dark eyebrows. I have light skin, but it gets very tan in the summer. Sooo, what do you think? My mother is blond and none of their daughters are blonde and I think she wants she thinks that will look bad, and I want to lighten getting my hair. I would not though. ** In sorry I know this is difficult without a picture of me! Just give me ideas!
Click here to see her n a k e d video!

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